10 Best Women's Luxury Dressing Gowns for Winter 2022

Here's our top ten from the very wide selection of high quality luxury ladies dressing gowns and robes at pinkcamellia.com.

Made from only the finest fabrics, styled by the best sleepwear designers in Europe and finished superbly, these are all investments pieces for the cooler seasons which of course also make fabulous gifts.

1.Brick Extra Length Wrap Around Warm Dressing Gown £220
Stunning warm and cosy dressing gown from Pluto of Belgium

2. Extra Long Grey, Pink or Ivory Quilted Wrap Around Dressing Gown £235
Another beautiful dressing gown from Pluto of Belgium, renowned for comfort and style using the best available fabrics.

3. Long Powder Pink Wrap Around Warm & Cosy Robe £230
Perennial favourite from Laurence Tavernier of Paris - also in Grey, Grape, Pale Blue & Pale Pink .

4. Blueberry Check Pattern Cotton Flannel Robe £199.50
Comfortable, practical and ultra smart from Laurence Tavernier, Paris. Also available in Paradise Pink.

5.Ultra-Smart Soft Cotton Mix Velour Robe with Satin Detail in Nocturne Blus £237.50
A regular feature in the Tavernier collection is this cotton mix velour robe; also available in Pomegranate, Pink Granite or Garnet.

6. Superfine Alpaca Mix in Soft Grey £295
Exquisite Shorter Length Wrap Around Robe from Pluto of Belgium in a supersoft Alpaca Mix fabric

7. Long Wrap Around Warm and Cosy Robe with Wide Satin Stitched Collar £239.50
Smart Fleece Robe with Wide Satin Collar in Barley.

8. Cashmere & Wool Long Robe with Kimono Collar in Prune £620
Luxurious Robe with tie belt.

9. Kneelength Woven Wool Mix Poncho £260
Available in Blue Melange, Grey Melange and Barley

10. Long Woven Wool Mix Poncho Style Robe with Fringing and Belt £365
An ever popular classic from Laurence Tavernier are their woven wool ponchos in various lengths. This one is in a long length and has a matching wool tie belt.

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