We're Closing Down...

We're Closing Down...

  • How it all began

  • In 2005, I decided to start an online shop - a newish idea back then - that would allow me to run a business from home alongside the demands of a busy family life.

    I had always loved the beautiful sleepwear and dressing gowns that my mother had worn but found trying to replace one that she had given me was impossible. Everything seemed to be produced in cheap fabrics and designs, made for younger people in impractical designs.

    Where were these lovely things hiding? Surely they must be somewhere?

    It was on a trip to Paris that I found a sleepwear paradise. Shops with huge departments selling the kind of beautiful, quality sleepwear I had been searching for, but that was almost impossible to find here in the UK.

    I quickly fell in love with some wonderful brands and, very keen to make them available to a UK market, my shop began.

    And what to call it? That was easy - my wonderful mother had recently died and left me the contents of her beautiful garden, including a stunning Pink Camellia.

  • MAY 2023

  • After 18 marvellous years it's time to call it a day. I have enjoyed every minute and it has been great joy to be able to source beautiful nightwear and dressing gowns of superb quality and make them available to customers worldwide.

    Thank you to all my customers for your wonderful support over the years. It is really very much appreciated.

    Best wishes,
    Pink Camellia

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